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1   Link   Pure Intimacy
Resources, stories, articles related to sexuality and relationships
2   Link   Living Out
Information on unwanted same-sex attraction
3   Link   Covenant Eyes
If you are struggling with internet pornography, this service helps you with accountability. Their software allows you to send a list of sites you have visited on the internet to a friend.
4   Link   Boundless
Boundless is a community for Christian young adults who want to grow up, own their faith, date with purpose, and prepare for marriage and family
5   Link   Troubled With...
Advice...answers for a variety of difficulties in life
6   Link   XXX Church
For those struggling with pornography. Another option for those who want accountability and help avoiding internet pornography. Provides software which sends a friend a list of questionable sites you've visit. Good!
7   Link   New Life Partners
FOR WOMEN married to men impacted by husbands or loved ones caught in the web of pornography / sexual addiction
8   Link   First Stone
Restoration in areas of sexual brokenness
9   Link   Family Life
Practical tools to strengthen family and marriage relationships
10   Link   Be Broken Ministries
Hope and help for the sexually broken
11   Link   NARTH
Academic news, articles, research on homosexuality
12   Link   Live Hope Ministries
Articles, online forums focused on homosexual struggle
13   Link   P.A.T.H.
A non-profit coalition of organizations that help people with same-sex attractions realize their personal goals for change
14   Link   People Can Change
Site for those struggling with same-sex attraction. Non-religious but truthful perspective.
15   Link   K-9 Web Protection
Software to block pornography on your smartphone or computer


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